15 More Vista Employees Pack Their Bags

Fifteen employees for the city of Vista are out of work as of Wednesday, April 1.

Vista delivered the layoff notices early in the week, said Assistant City Manager Patrick Johnson

The workers include managers, park maintenance workers and fire inspectors.  In all, the layoffs are expected to save about $910,000 in fiscal year 2009, which starts July 1, according to our media partner, The North County Times.

"It ovbiously wasn't something that we wanted to do, but something that was necessary to get to a balanced budget," said Johnson.

This marks the second round of layoffs in Vista this year. In January, the city laid off 14 people and froze 22 more jobs in an attempt to combat high unemployment rates and low sales tax revenue. Vista's current estimated budget for the upcoming year is a $72.6 Million and officials are still looking to cut $1 Million more.

Will there be more layoffs on the Vista horizon?

"I would like to say there's not going to be any more, but that's not a guarantee," said Johnson.

Most of the employees who received layoff notices will work through May 28. Johnson said the typical severance package is one month's salary and a payout equivalent to three months' benefits.

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