$142M in Emergency COVID-19 Funding for Local Higher Education, Half Req'd for Students


Colleges and universities in San Diego County will receive a combined $142 million in emergency funding from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which Congress passed on March 27.

Half of that, about $71 million, will be allocated to students in the form of emergency cash assistance grants to help pay for housing, food and other basic essentials, Congresswoman Susan Davis said Monday.

“Students working and planning toward their future have had their lives upended like millions of other Americans because of the coronavirus pandemic,” Davis said. “We must support these students and the institutions as they weather this crisis.”

Students should contact their institutions for more information about how they can apply for an emergency grant.

Here's a breakdown of how much money each local institution will receive, according to the Department of Education.

InstitutionTotal AllocationMin. Allocation of Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students
UC San Diego$34,889,769$17,444,885
San Diego State$29,394,934$14,697,467
CSU San Marcos$15,963,036$7,981,518
Univ. of San Diego $4,426,552 $2,213,276
Miramar College$3,235,898$1,617,949
Mesa College$5,911,519$2,955,760
City College$4,592,301$2,296,151
Grossmont College$7,141,562$3,570,781
Southwestern Community College$9,253,264$4,626,632
Palomar College $7,702,862 $3,851,431
Culinary Institute $70,731 $35,366
San Diego Christian College$421,905$210,953
Platt College - San Diego$187,377$93,689
Design Institute of San Diego$149,639$74,820
California College San Diego$2,281,144$1,140,572
Associated Barber College of San Diego$199,340$99,670
National University$4,563,497$2,281,749
Point Loma Nazarene$2,913,693$1,456,847
MiraCosta College$5,511,006$2,755,503
Cuyamaca College$2,918,721$1,459,361
California Western School of Law$196,710$98,355
Alliant International Univ.$679,282$339,641
Thomas Jefferson School of Law$116,684$58,342

In total, the CARES Act provides about $14 billion in emergency higher education relief funding to help students and institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Davis said.

On Sunday, the Department of Education announced the first $6 billion of that funding will be immediately sent to institutions so they can begin providing grants to struggling students, Davis added.

For a list of every institution across the country receiving money, click here.

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