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Mountain Lion Spotted Near Boys and Girls Club

Deputies in 4S Ranch responded to the sighting



    Mountain Lion Spotted Near Boys and Girls Club
    A deputy carrying a large firearm walks with a Fish and Game employee as they search the area for signs of the mountain lion.

    Residents in a 4S Ranch neighborhood were on high alert after a possible mountain lion was spotted Monday afternoon.

    The resident on 16000 block of Winecreek Rd. called the Sheriff's Department  for a possible mountain lion sighting across the street near the Boys and Girls Club.

    The witness who called deputies saw the mountain lion walk across the lawn of the boys and girls club and into the canyon where people were jogging.

    Helicopters warned hikers and residents about the mountain lion sighting.

    Two schools immediately went on lock down: Oak Valley Middle School and Stone Ranch Elementary which is just across the street.

    Sheriff's Deputies and the Department of Fish and Game also blocked the hiking paths into the canyon and started searching for the mountain lion.

    They say this open canyon area is their natural home, and there is also a fresh water source nearby.

    And one woman who lives near the canyon says she heard a mountain lion two weeks ago attacking a dog at night.