Chula Vista

13-Year-Old Catches Felon on the Run

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A 13-year-old boy stopped a wanted felon who was on the run from police for two hours in Chula Vista.

The chase ended in Landis Avenue Friday evening after police arrested Edgar Romero. They were searching for him after he hit a man with a brick on Fourth Avenue, investigators told NBC 7.

Police helicopters searched the area for Romero when he then hopped over the backyard fence of the Rodriguez family's house.

“He hoped over my fence as I was fixing a drain and then tried to fight me,” said homeowner Rolando Rodriguez.

He then explains that his 13-year-old son, Raul Rodriguez, came from behind the suspect and got him in a chokehold. That was when Rolando got the suspect's feet and they were able to detain him until police showed up.

The suspect sustained minor injuries due to the fight. Rolando told NBC 7 he was OK and only suffered minor scrapes.

Rolando’s wife suffered a panic attack due to high blood pressure while watching her son and husband fight the suspect. She was transferred to a local hospital.

The Rodriguez family does live next to Jesse Navarro, former San Diego police officer.

He said the wife called for his help.

“When she knocked on my door and asked for help, I knew what it was about, as it was the guy we’ve been looking for,” Navarro said. “So, I helped the father, son and officers restrain the suspect.” 

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