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Man Snags Last Missoni Pumps for Fiancé

Missoni madness at Target leaves shelves empty



    Man Snags Last Missoni Pumps for Fiancé

    It’s rare for a man to get as excited about suede pumps as Scott Evans was Wednesday morning.

    Evans, 24, scored the last pair of Missoni for Target suede pumps at an Oceanside Target for his fiancé as a surprise for her – a miracle in the affordable fashion realm, as the new Italian brand sold out almost immediately at all stores.

    “I stopped by on my way to work, and I went in to get her a scarf but everything was gone,” Evans said. “There was only little girls’ stuff – and a pair of tights in the dishware aisle.”

    The shoes happened to be the size that his fiancé wears. He snagged them just before another man carted away the remaining items to sell on eBay. Evans said a woman looked visibly torn when she arrived just after the eBay shopper cleared out the remaining items in the store.

    Evans called his wife at work shortly after to tell her about the shoes. She was overjoyed.

    Before the news spread that the Missoni for Target line was coming to Target, neither Evans nor his fiancé knew about the Italian designer. Though Evans’ fiancé is stylish, she said she doesn’t usually buy designer clothes.

    “Getting it from Target was exciting for a kid like me,” she said.

    Evans speculates that most of the buyers had never heard of the brand before. In fact, he hadn’t heard of it until Wednesday morning, when a radio show broadcast the news. But that hype was enough to get people excited, he said.

    “It’s hard to get people this excited about clothes. I’m not normally excited about clothes but I like a good hype.”

    Early Wednesday morning, Target tweeted that their website had crashed as a result of the massive numbers of online shoppers visiting the site. It has since begun functioning again.

    The Missoni for Target stock will be replenished in stores as it sells, according to The Feast. Many of the prices for the items have been inflated, due to the increased demand.