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Pit Bull Attacks Bicyclist

Animal Control says dog attacks are common in summer



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    A pit bull named Freckles attacked Gary Awakim in a Valencia Park neighborhood Thursday

    A man was riding his bike through a Grant Hill neighborhood Thursday morning when a pit bull bit him multiple times.

    “I was just minding my business and all of a sudden this dog is just biting me,” said victim Gary Awakim.

    “It was pretty petrifying.”

    The dog approached Awakim as he was riding on J Street east of 30th, roughly the same location of a gas line break at the same time Thursday morning.

    "Petrified" Cyclist Bitten by Dog

    [DGO] "Petrified" Cyclist Bitten by Dog
    Gary Awakim said a pit bull bit him three times Thursday while riding a bike through a Grant Hill neighborhood
    (Published Thursday, Aug. 4, 2011)

    Awakim tried shooing the dog away but the dog continued to bite. The bites caused minor scarring, but Awakim was not hospitalized. When neighbors wouldn’t help him, he called the police, Awakim said.

    San Diego County Animal Control arrived shortly after police. They classified the dog as a pit bull.

    The dog, named Freckles, belongs to a neighbor. Animal Control is required to quarantine Freckles, but they are still determining whether his owners’ yard is suitable for quarantine. They could not say whether they will have to euthanize Freckles.

    Jennette Harrison, Animal Control Officer, said pit bull attacks are not any more common than usual. There’s simply no way of determining whether a dog will bite, she said.

    “It’s summertime, people are out more,” Harrison added. “It doesn’t matter what kind of dog it is, they all have teeth.”