120 Pot Plants Found Inside Ramona Home

The bust was part of a month-long investigation

A major indoor marijuana grow operating out of a residence in Ramona was discovered by sheriff’s detectives and a SWAT team Friday, officials confirmed.

After a month-long narcotics investigation, detectives served a search warrant on a home located in the 300 block of Fegahli Road just after 6 a.m.

During the investigation, detectives noticed the residents had fortified the Ramona home with a steel security screen, steel gates and an aggressive dog.

When officials searched the home Friday morning, they discovered approximately 120 high-grade marijuana plants inside, as well as five pounds of pot worth an estimated $15,000, a firearm and $17,800 in cash.

Detectives arrested suspects Joshua Day, Justin Lambert and Dougles Politte for marijuana cultivation, possession of marijuana for sale and possession of a dangerous weapon.

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