12 Marijuana Dispensaries May Close

City attorney files complaints to shut down marijuana dispensaries within 600 feet of schools

Any medical marijuana dispensaries operating within 600 feet of schools have filed complaints against them by the San Diego City Attorney’s Office.

There are 12 total dispensaries the office is seeking injunctions against.The dispensaries are located throughout San Diego, including areas such as Ocean Beach, College Area and Hillcrest.

“We are asking the court to shut them down now,” San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said.
Since August 2010, about 30 marijuana dispensaries have been shut down because of the city attorney’s office involvement, demand letters or court action. The attorney’s office hopes that all or most of the dispensaries will be brought before San Diego Superior Court.

“It will take some time to bring large numbers of dispensaries before the court. We will continue with our next group of filings shortly and more will follow thereafter,” Goldsmith said. “Although we realize not all will necessarily be shut down immediately, we and the community are turning to the courts to help us get a handle on this problem.”

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