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1,000 Teachers Protest Layoffs

The group protested outside of Kearny High School



    1,000 Teachers Protest Layoffs

    More than 1,000 San Diego Unified School District teachers, nurses and counselors appealed before a judge Wednesday hoping to get their jobs back.

    The group protested outside of Kearny High School this morning waving signs saying "Who's teaching your student?" and "No layoffs."

    Labor attorneys are going to make sure that everyone who received a layoff was properly notified.

    The group is hoping to change the system in which teachers are laid off each year because they say it hurts the students.

    “Their absence is critical,” said Bill Freeman, president of the San Diego Education Association. “In terms of safety of our schools...that’s a critical problem.”

    The permanent layoff hearing will start today and continue through Friday. Those teachers that were laid off without proper notice could return back to work.

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