100 Wave Challenge Raises Money for Boys to Men Program

Surfers at Mission Beach each caught a few dozen waves Sunday for the Boys to Men 100 Wave Challenge.

The competition challenges 200 surfers to catch 100 waves in one day.

All of the surfers have sponsors and the money raised goes toward getting the Boys to Men mentorship program into San Diego County schools.

“It’s great being involved for so many years because we get to see a lot of the boys that started out when we first got involved and see them going off to college and graduating high school and making those good choices that we’re here to help with,” said Dane who has been involved with Boys to Men for years. His two children, Jonah and Chloe, are taking part in the challenge.

Boys to Men brings together male mentors with at-risk boys who are often fatherless. Dane says his relationship with his own father was his inspiration to become a mentor. “My dad was – he is my best friend. He was a mentor to me and a great father and so I want to help others sort of have that mentorship,” he said.

The challenge has already raised $300,000 of their $400,000 goal.

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