Panda Name Game Ends

San Diego’s favorite furball finally has a name.

According to tradition, the panda wasn't named until he turned 100 days old. On Tuesday, the San Diego Zoo announced that the cub's name was Yún Zǐ, which means "son of cloud."

The name of Yún Zǐ's mom, Bai Yun, means "White Cloud," according to the zoo's Web site. Since arriving at the zoo, Bai Yun has had five cubs, including Hua Mei, Mei Sheng, Su Lin and Zhen Zhen.

Yún Zǐ's has been showing off his personality and his independence lately. He let out his most ferocious bark when veterinarians tried to get his measurements last week.

The little guy, who was born on Aug. 5, continues to grow at a healthy pace: As of last week, he weighed 12.5 pounds and marked a milestone by cutting his first teeth.

The other four finalists for names were.

   1. Fú Shèng, which means "blissful San Diego"
   2. Xiǎo Lóng, which means "little dragon"
   3. Xióng Wěi, which means "extraordinary bear"
   4. Yǒng Xiǎng, which means "eternally blessed"

According to the zoo 17,521 online votes were cast, with Yún Zǐ getting 28 percent of the votes cast.

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