10 Years Ago: Witch Creek Fire San Diego 2007

On Oct. 21, 2007, the Witch Creek Fire was sparked near Santa Ysabel.

In the days that followed, several other fires would ignite including the Harris and Guejito Fires.

The Witch Creek, Harris and Guejito Fires would burn about 288,000 acres. Thousands of people were evacuated.

More than 2,000 structures were burned or destroyed.

Ten people were killed.

One of the hardest hit communities was Rancho Bernardo, where 365 homes were destroyed. 

Here are just some of the reports filed by NBC 7 crews: 


 NBC 7 reporter Rory Devine spoke with one homeowner who was doing everything he could to save his home from the devastating wildfire in October 2007.

Firestorm 2007 Viewer Images

Get a look inside the ‘burn zone” of the Witch Creek Fire.


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