10 Times Animals Made Us Laugh, Cry and Cringe in 2015

Animals made big headlines this year in San Diego.

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Nola, a 41-year-old staple of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, died in November, leaving only three more of her species alive in the world. The northern white rhino is a critically endangered animal.
San Diego Humane Society
A group of adorable pups got a second chance at life when the Humane Society International rescued them from the South Korean dog meat trade. Twenty-nine of them arrived in San Diego in September to be put up for adoption.
A group of kayakers captured their heart-pounding close encounter with a hammerhead shark off the San Diego coast in August. The sighting prompted lifeguards to close the beaches between La Jolla Cove and Scripps Pier, getting everyone out of the water.
This little guy knows what it means to "hang ten." A surfer in Cardiff made a new pal in March when a sea lion pup hopped on his board and caught a ride.
A 5-foot boa constrictor terrified the co-founder of a downtown PR firm when it got into the building's pipes and slithered into the office's toilet. in January.
Rancho Coastal Humane Society
As part of a nationwide effort, NBC 7 partnered with local animal shelters to find hundreds of pets forever homes in one day. During the "Clear the Shelters" Day in August, San Diegans came together and adopted 776 pets.
County News Center
A Siberian husky in San Diego found herself in precarious situation when she got stuck in an Encanto storm drain in January. Animal control officers had to block the pipe, walk the pup through the drain and remove a grate to rescue her.
A local Marine veteran endured four months of stress after his therapy dog, Nahla, went missing. The dog was found wandering in the San Ysidro area, the residents who recovered her said, and she soon had a heartfelt reunion with her owners.
San Diego Zoo/Twitter
The San Diego Zoo's joy over the birth of a rare pygmy hippo calf was sadly short lived when the calf died just one week later in November >/a>. Pathologists believe it was not receiving enough nourishment when nursing with its mother.
San Diego County Animal Services
A 3-month-old stray Labrador mix got into some trouble when he swallowed a six-inch corn dog stick in March. After surgery to remove it, the little guy earned the nickname "Corndog," or "Corny" for short, before he was adopted.
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