San Diego

Child Injured After Van Drives Into Mission Bay

San Diego Fire-Rescue and lifeguard crews are responded to a car that drove into the water in Mission Bay and hit a child playing on the beach Sunday afternoon.

Witness Josh Duncan said the crash first got his attention when he heard the car hit the curb. 

"We instantly saw the little girl playing by the water," he told NBC 7. "She was playing like on the water’s edge." 

According to the San Diego Police Department (SDPD), the van entered the water on the 2100 block of East Mission Bay Drive at approximately 1:52 p.m. Saturday.

The little girl was hit by the van and dragged for some time, according to Lt. Adam Sharki with the San Diego Police Department.

"There was a lot of people at the beach, we had dozens of witnesses,"Sharki said. 

"she was crying, screaming," Duncan said. "[You] don’t expect that to ever happen."

The driver of the van stayed at the scene, SDPD said. The girl has been taken to the Children's Hospital. 

"Thank God that little girl is okay," Duncan added.

Officials believe the crash was an accident but are investigating. 

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