San Diego

1 Dead After Collision With Trolley in San Ysidro: PD

A trolley struck and killed a pedestrian in San Ysidro, police said. 

Officers were called to the trolley tracks near Beyer Boulevard and Dairy Mart Road just before 6:30 a.m. Thursday morning.

They found the victim dead at the scene.

A bystander named Jonathan Hernandez rushed to the crash site and told NBC7 he was worried that he may know the victim.

He says he knows a homeless man who sleeps near the tracks. He was very shaken that this victim died. Near the tracks were bags filled with clothing.

Hernandez said he recognized those bags.

"I saw those bags and I know who carries those bags,” says Hernandez. “He was fun you know crazy, fun crazy. Sucks to know somebody got killed this morning."

Officers couldn’t immediately identify the victim. They were trying to figure out if the victim was walking on the tracks or trying to cross.

They are waiting for the medical examiner to release his identity. Police do not have any details on the circumstances of his death or the age and gender of the victim. 

No other information was available.

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