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Mayor Filner Introduces Core Team

Salaries range from $25,000 to $185,000



    Newly-elected mayor Bob Filner introduced his key staff members Friday morning.

    Friday’s press conference was the first time members of the press were formally introduced to the mayor's team and the first time they learned who most of them are.

    He called his administration a group of people that reflect the diversity of San Diego, and said this is part of fulfilling his campaign pledge to change the face of City Hall.

    Two dozen people stood behind Filner at the press conference. He described them as his "core team,” and they include 13 women and 11 men. He said nearly 90 percent are either women or people of color. However, he said his first requirements for his team were competence, effectiveness, and experience.

    Mayor Filner Introduces Core Team

    [DGO] Mayor Filner Introduces Core Team
    Newly-elected mayor Bob Filner introduced his key staff members Friday morning. NBC 7 political reporter Gene Cubbison has the scoop on the new team and the significance of the announcement.
    (Published Monday, Jan. 7, 2013)

    “I made a simple campaign pledge that we would change the face of City Hall, bring in the full diversity of the community,” Filner said. “And I think the diversity of this city and this nation is reflected in the staff behind me."

    Friday morning's announcements help fan the flames from some early heat via the SD U-T involving Filner's lack of transparency and promptness in revealing his administration.

    Staff in the Mayor’s office includes:

    Vince Hall, Chief of Staff
    Nelson Hernandez, Assistant Chief Operating Officer
    Allen Jones, Deputy Chief of Staff
    Francisco Estrada, Director of Council Affairs
    Irene McCormack, Director of Communications
    Donna Frye, Director of Open Government
    Lee Burdick, Director of Special Projects & Legal Affairs
    Linda Perine, Director of Community Outreach
    Mario Lopez Director of Bi-National Affairs
    Lea Fields-Bernard, Director of Appointments and Compliance
    Willie Blair, Director of Neighborhood Revitalization
    Manny Doria, Community Outreach
    Bert Luna, Assistant to the Mayor
    Brenda Lugo, Director of Scheduling
    Rev. John Ringgold, Mayoral Ambassador
    Lena’ Lewis, Press Secretary
    Steve Hadley, Deputy Director of Open Government
    Jessica Gomez, Protocol Officer
    Molly Chase, Protocol Officer
    Pat Calloway, Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff
    Caroline Ledesma, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
    Shalonda Vinegar, Receptionist
    Waynee Lucero, Mayoral Assistant
    Al Alvarado, Community Outreach

    Click here to see a PDF of each staff members’ salary.