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New Charges Against Alleged ‘Fake Doctor' Accused of Sex Assault

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Prosecutors filed new criminal charges Monday against a North County man accused of sexual battery on four women while impersonating a doctor at Del Mar Cosmetic Contouring.

Dario Moscoso now faces 20 felony and misdemeanor counts, including multiple charges of “sexual battery while fraudulently representing that the touching served a professional purpose.”

Moscoso, 67, is also accused of sexual exploitation by a healing arts practitioner, and treating patients without a certificate.

The additional charges list three “Jane Does” as the victims. Prosecutor Trisha Amador announced the amended complaint at a status hearing for Moscoso, who was awaiting trial on a nine-count criminal complaint that initially listed one alleged female victim.

Amador also revealed that undercover detectives obtained evidence against Amador during a visit to the surgery center.

The prosecutor said the undercover agents “did see the defendant posing as, and representing himself as, a doctor, and wearing a medical lab coat or doctor’s coat.”

According to the criminal complaint, Moscoso also used the titles “Dr.” and “M.D.” on business cards, advertisements, and/or letterhead.

Moscoso remains free on a $50,000 bond while he awaits trial. But Judge Laura Halgren imposed new restrictions on the defendant, including a prohibition on contacting any of his four alleged victims.

Judge Halgren also prohibited Moscoso from posing as a licensed physician or seeking employment in the medical profession, or attempting to destroy medical records or other evidence in the case.

Moscoso pleaded not guilty to the additional charges, but he and his lawyer declined to talk about the allegations after Monday’s hearing.

In an interview last December, Moscoso denied any wrongdoing involving Jane Doe #1. “It didn’t happen,” he said. “There’s no proof, no evidence.”

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