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Tips to Make a Tank of Gas Last Longer

Small changes to your vehicle and driving habits can save you a lot of money in the long run

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Gas prices are taking a toll on consumers’ budgets and it’s unclear when they’ll get back to normal – experts warn it could be a while.

Here are some ways you can stretch a tank of gas out a few more days. Vehicle maintenance is important. Take the air filter for example, “If it’s clogged or dirty or restrictive, imagine trying to go running with a mask on,” said Nicholas Delaney, a mechanic at Aero Auto Repair.

Don’t forget to keep your tires aligned and filled with adequate air pressure. Delaney says a change to our driving habits may help us save money as well.

“You don’t want to pedal to the floor trying to accelerate. Nice and slow is going to give you the best gas mileage, you don’t really want to go 70 or 80 … 65 is going to be your best bet.”

Also, cruising to a stop helps with fuel efficiency. Try to keep your vehicle light by removing items from the bed or your truck or trunk of your car, and resist topping off your tank when you fill up.

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“That’s really bad for your EVAP system, it will place more pressure on your gas tank so you don’t want to do that at all,” Delaney said.

And finally, there’s the 10-second rule: Don’t let your car run idle for more than 10 seconds. You’re better off turning the vehicle off.

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