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Tips to Get Those Last-Minute Gifts

NBC 7 Responds looked at how you can find deals this late in the hectic shopping season

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the biggest shopping days of the year, but if you missed them, there are still ways to save.

Supply chain issues mean stores are less likely to offer the same discounts they have offered in the past. That means you'll need a little bit of creativity.

"The really good deals are the ones where you find a mistake for a coupon," said Colin Campbell, Professor of Marketing at the University of San Diego. "Like where you're able to combine a sale with other coupons not meant to be combined."

That takes a lot of attention to detail and time. Campbell says there are some ways to save time.

"Take a look at sites like TechBargains or other forums where people will find these," said Campbell. "People are very good at doing that and sharing them."

Sometimes you also might be able to ask if a sale or discount applies to an item that is not listed for it.

"Maybe they can still add the Black Friday price or another promo they had," said Campbell. "Some stores are open to doing that because they're getting to the end of the year and looking to bump up their numbers for their end-of-year report."

Some stores will also price match for you, so keep an eye out for products offered cheaper at other locations. Campbell says stores know you can shop elsewhere and may be able to give you a deal.

"You could always return it and go buy it there," said Campbell. "Some stores say it's to their advantage to just go through with it and price match."

Keep in mind those supply chain issues also mean products might sell out that otherwise would not have. If you have your eye on something specific but are waiting for a fantastic sale, it might just sell out instead.

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