Comic-Con 2022

Searching for a Way into San Diego Comic-Con? Watch Out for Villainous Scams

To help you have a super weekend, NBC 7 Responds looked at some tempting scams that might pop up.

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San Diego Comic-Con is back after going online the last two years, and the force is strong with those who’ve been waiting for its return.

If you’re holding out hope for a ticket though, the event sold out almost three years ago. That’s because fans who bought Comic-Con tickets in 2019 and 2020 have been waiting in anticipation to finally step into the hallowed halls of the San Diego Convention Center after a pandemic hiatus. 

“We couldn’t have a 2020 show so the tickets rolled over to 2021 and now rolled over to this year,” said David Glazner, a spokesperson for Comic-Con. “ A lot of people didn’t want to turn them in and get the refunds. We ended up having two refund opportunities and not many people opted to refund.”

You might not have to give in to the hopelessness of the dark side. Glazner says to keep an eye out for TV and radio station giveaways.

Fans have been waiting a long, long time for the return of the Con, reports NBC 7's Joe Little.

But watch out for supervillains lurking in the shadows. They know the opportunity to get a Comic-Con badge can be kryptonite to a fan, and will likely try to take advantage of your excitement.

Keep in mind:

  1. Badges are not transferable: if you see a badge advertised for sale online, it’s most likely a scam.
  2. Don’t pay to win: If you’re chosen in a free badge giveaway, but are told you need to pay for delivery, that’s a red flag it might be a scam.

Comic-Con’s FAQ page has answers to questions about badges, events and details once you’re inside. 

Gaslamp Quarter businesses are getting in the spirit of Comic-Con with eye-catching advertisements. From animes to superheroes, large billboards are advertising the latest and greatest in pop culture for the occasion.

Other things to know for Comic-Con 2022

There are also some stringent COVID-19 policies in place. You’ll need to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccine, or a recent negative test, and masks are mandatory. Yes, even for helmeted storm troopers.

“The reality is we want everybody to be as safe as they can,” said Glazner. “If you feel as though you’re not feeling and you may be well we ask that you stay away.” 

Ultimately, if you can't get a golden ticket to get inside, there’s still plenty to see and lots to do outside the convention center

“We’re excited to get back in person and see our friends,” said Glazner. “There’s something very cool about being in a panel room and cheering everybody at the same time. More important, it’s the community. Seeing people who share your interest.”

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