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San Diego Gas Prices Soar … Even More Than Usual

NBC 7 Responds looked at the climbing price of gasoline across the county

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The pain at the pump is only getting worse: Thursday's gas price average was $4.48 per gallon in San Diego, an increase of nearly 10 cents in just a week.

"I don't look for two cents less — I look for 20 or 30 cents less," said Jerry, a man NBC 7 spoke with at a local gas station.

Across the county, gas prices are as low as $4.07 at some stations in Escondido and $4.09 at some Costco locations, but many stations are paying a lot more for their inventory and passing that along to consumers.

"I'll go as far as 15, 20 miles for some cheap gas," said Derick Johnson, another customer.

Fall and winter are when demand usually falls off and the region sees lower gas prices. One reason for the lower prices is a switch to the cheaper winter blend. However, oil prices are still high, which could be the reason for the highest gas prices in years.

"I have a long commute," said John Gomez, who commutes from Fallbrook to San Diego. "I have to fill up, like, twice a week. Shopping around probably saves me $100, $150 a month."

San Diego County is still a long ways away from its record high of $4.72 a gallon, which was set in October 2012. Still, people are already looking for ways to save on gas.

"You gotta come to the places you know are going to give you a better deal if you pay cash," Meg Brown said. "I'm probably saving a good $40 every fill-up on a big truck like this."

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