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People May Not Flock to Events Even if California Reopens

NBC 7 Responds looked at why millennials and Generation Z say they won't run out the door, even when the stay-at-home order is lifted

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California has been under a stay-at-home order for more than a month and many people say they can't wait for the state to reopen. Even if reopening businesses happens quickly, getting people in their doors might not be easy.

"When governors open [up their states], that doesn't necessarily mean people are going to go back," said Kaben Clauson, the CEO of survey company TruePublic. "51 percent of young people are saying they at least need a vaccine."

TruePublic asked thousands of millennials and generation Z, ages 16 to 35, about when they would feel comfortable resuming their normal lives. Many said they will not have a problem going out to bars or restaurants.

"As soon as isolation is over 80 percent plus of young people are going to feel safe to come back," said Clauson. "[But] 45 percent need a vaccine before they'd feel safe going back to a large gym."

When sporting events make their return, a majority of respondents say they won't rush to the stadium.

"51 percent of young people say they at least need a vaccine," said Clauson. "What's more shocking is even after a vaccine is out, 25 percent say they would still not feel comfortable going to these large events."

The survey found a surprising number of millennials and Gen Z are not staying at home, and tied it to how much news people are reading.

"The ones who aren't watching the news are not even isolating properly," said Clauson. "43 percent of young people in California have gone out and seen a friend or significant other or crush."

TruePublic says that's because most millennials and Gen Z don't see it as a real threat to them.

"Until you know someone who has it, it's not real," said Clauson. "It's something on social media, it's something in the news, but it doesn't hit home."

While the survey found most people ages 16 to 35 will have no problem resuming their lives as normal, big events and gyms will have to change their policies. This is especially true for events such as Coachella, which caters to Gen Z and millennials, and even San Diego Comic-Con.

"There's a much higher fear index," said Clauson. "Sporting leagues, if they want to win the young consumer, they're going to have to figure out ways to separate people or things of that nature."

San Diego could see a boost in tourism once we begin to reopen the country, as many millennials and Gen Z told TruePublic they will travel within the U.S. instead of internationally.

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