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How to Save During Back-to-School Shopping

NBC 7 Responds found ways you can save on your back-to-school shopping, even though many prices have gone up

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Summer might seem like it has just begun, but already people are shopping for the upcoming school year. Inflation has tightened budgets for many families, so how can you get the most for your dollar?

"A quarter of consumers have already started shopping," said Miro Copic, a Professor of Marketing at San Diego State University.

In past years, stores have offered back-to-school sales and discounts, but Copic says that might not be the case for everything this year.

"Unless they're finding digital coupons or other kinds of coupons, the discounts are not going to be huge," said Copic.

The three main categories for back-to-school shopping are clothing, school supplies, and electronics. Of those, you might be able to find some incredible deals on clothing.

"They might not be the most current from a fashion perspective," said Copic. "But they'll be a great value."

That's because clothes have piled up. The delayed shipments that caused empty shelves last year, arrived in Spring. Plus many stores ordered extra early in case the shipments were delayed again.

"Retailers don't want to get stuck with a lot of inventory that's kind of backing up," said Copic.

So while you may not be able to save on school supplies this year, keep an eye out for those surprise deals. They may not last long.

"If there's something you have your eye on, from a consumer perspective, get it now," said Copic.

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