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Gas For Under $2 a Gallon, But Nowhere to Go

Consumer Bob explains why some of California's gas stations won't see much of a price drop

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The price of oil plummeted in the past few days, but gas prices in San Diego county have barely fallen. As people stay at home and off the roads, fewer people are also taking advantage of low gas prices.

"I used to drive to Los Angeles a lot," said Lily Perez, a behavioral therapist. "If everything was open this would be great."

NBC 7 Responds talked to Perez at an Escondido gas station with prices under $2 a gallon, where we also spoke with grocery worker Carter Craig.

"These are the cheapest gas prices I've ever had," Craig said. "I haven't filled up in a month or so."

Even though some places have gas for under $2 a gallon, the average price for the county is still $2.80.

California's gas prices do not mirror the rest of the United States because our state has its own fuel standards. That means most of the gas we put in our cars is refined in the state. Because there is not a lot of competition with other states, the price of gas stays pretty steady.

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