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Expect High Gas Prices Ahead of 4th of July Weekend

NBC 7 Responds looked at the gas prices and how they compare to the same time pre-pandemic

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It's easy to compare gas prices now to last year's low prices during the pandemic, but current prices are well above this same time in 2019 as well.

San Diego's average gas price is currently $4.26. Consumer Bob found that the average price for a gallon this same time in 2020 during the pandemic was $1.17 less. Two years ago at the time, the average price was only $3.70.

Drivers around San Diego said they're feeling the spike.

"We have two trucks, and it takes $100 every time to fill them up," said Lisa Coffman, who was filling up with relatively cheaper gas at an independent station in Escondido. "I just can't afford it."

As the 4th of July approaches, so does the peak of summer driving season. The high prices are making people question if car trips are worth the cost.

A survey by AAA found that higher gas prices likely won't prompt people to cancel their trips, but they will look for other ways to save money while out of town.

"We won't eat out," Shanna Thompson said. "We'll hike and go to the beach a lot. We don't shop."

While San Diego's gas prices are high compared with the rest of the country, we're still not the highest in the state. Cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco are paying 4-16 cents more per gallon.

"I normally tend to add just a little more to my savings of the week or the month," Angel Rivera said. "That's just to make sure I have enough to cover gas."

The question is: Will prices continue to rise? Consumer Bob's Gas Price Forecast found that, in 2019, the price at the pump was higher in September than it was in June, so don't expect prices to fall any time soon.

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