Army Veteran Calls On NBC 7 Responds To Help With Promotion Problem With Amazon

The retailer told the San Marcos resident he was not eligible for a Veterans Day promotion. That’s when NBC 7 Responds pushed things through.

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Every penny counts so when retired San Marcos resident Tom Perez noticed a promotional offer from Amazon for veterans, Perez considered it a no-brainer.

“Amazon Prime was offering a Veterans Day deal,” Perez told NBC 7 Responds. “It was for $79 dollars off the regular price of $119 membership renewal.”

Perez’s wife Carol logged on the Veterans Affairs website and entered her husband’s information in. 

Perez, who is visually impaired and legally blind, said his wife Carol told him an error message popped up after submitting the online form.

The couple tried again...and again. All to no avail.

They called Amazon. A representative for the online retailer suggested that Perez enter his full name and to try on a different device, which they did. 

”I went on inputted my full name and hit the refresh button and it was still showing an error message,” recalled Perez.

They called Amazon again and the customer service representative told him to try a different web browser. The only problem, Perez said, was that only one web browser worked with his accessible iPad that allows him to use the computer.

He assumed the issue was going to get taken care of. But, the day after Veterans Day Perez logged on to his email and found a message from Amazon.

“The day after Veterans Day I got an email a customer service manager saying that I was not eligible, and did not complete the form correctly,” said Perez.

Perez said he didn’t appreciate getting blamed for the error. 

“The amount of time and energy it took after a while, it got personal, especially when they sent me an email saying I did things wrong, I said, ‘Uh-huh this is too much.’”

That’s when Perez contacted NBC 7 Responds.

Less than two weeks later Perez got a call.

“The day before Thanksgiving I got a call from executive customer service and I knew things were happening,” said Perez. “I actually got the veterans day deal which is $40 off the Prime membership and they also gave me a $35 credit.”

Amazon declined to comment for the story.
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