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LISTEN: What It's Like to Fight COVID-19

On the latest episode of INSIGHT - a podcast from NBC 7 Investigates, a local musician describes his fight with the coronavirus and what others should prepare for in this challenging time.

Coronavirus cases continue to climb in San Diego County, with more than 1,200 positive cases and 18 deaths as of April 4. In this episode of INSIGHT, Dorian Hargrove and Tom Jones speak with Drew Andrews, a local musician, and bartender who describes his fight with the virus and the symptoms that led up to his positive test results.

Andrews shares what he thinks others should prepare for during this challenging time, and a message for his community.

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Thousands of healthcare workers are exposed to illnesses each day, but none the likes of coronavirus. While the number of positive cases has grown in San Diego County, nurses are on stand-by, brace for the oncoming storm. Those on the front lines shared their message for San Diego in the latest episode of INSIGHT -- a podcast from NBC 7 Investigates.

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