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LISTEN: We Took a COVID-19 Test, Here's What Went Wrong

In this week’s podcast episode of INSIGHT, we’ll walk you through how the state's testing system for coronavirus works and the hurdles we encountered.

Testing for the coronavirus has been a major talking point and benchmark for when life can start to return to normal. California recently announced more than 75 new testing locations across the state, including three locations in San Diego County. We wanted to know how the process works and what we found may surprise you.

Listen to the latest episode below.

In this week’s episode of INSIGHT, Dorian Hargrove and Tom Jones walk through the process of getting a test. From appointment delays to missing results, we look at whether the state’s system is built to produce the results we desperately need.

To find out where you can get a COVID-19 test, click here.

In response to questions surrounding it taking six-days to get a testing appointment, a spokesperson for the California Department of Public Health said, "The availability of appointments depends on the demand at a particular site. Also, the sites only schedule a limited number of people at a time (6 people per half hour) to minimize the number of patients in the testing space in order to reduce the risk of exposure."

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