LISTEN: Parents Struggle to Make the Grade During COVID-19

In the latest podcast episode of INSIGHT, we hear what’s working for parents and what needs work, when it comes to keeping their children’s grades on track during the coronavirus pandemic. 

On top of navigating a household’s income and health during the coronavirus pandemic, parents have an extra hurdle to overcome: homeschooling their children.

In this week’s episode, Tom Jones and Dorian Hargrove hear from two San Diego County parents on what’s working and what needs work when it comes to them keeping their children’s grades on track.

Listen to the latest episode of INSIGHT below.

NBC 7 Education Reporter Rory Devine, a former teacher herself, describes what her reporting has found and how she and her photographer, Elroy Spatcher, are navigating their reporting on the public education system during stay-at-home orders, and uncharted territory for school districts. 

University of San Diego Professor Reyes Quezada shares his tips for parents facing their new role as home teachers. 

To read more of Quezada’s tips for parents, click here.

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