LISTEN: Podcast Lays Out Years Of Fraud After A Wounded Rabbi Admits to Wrongdoing

In this week’s podcast episode of Into San Diego, after a shocking admission from a local rabbi injured in the Poway synagogue shooting, federal investigators uncover years of fraud and wrongdoing. In this episode, we lay out the investigation's findings.

On April 27, 2019, a 19-year-old walked into the Chabad of Poway synagogue and opened fire; killing one woman and injuring others, including the synagogue’s Rabbi. Through the sorrow, Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein had a message for San Diego and grew to become an international symbol of peace. But prosecutors say he had a dark secret.

Just weeks ago, Rabbi Goldstein pleaded guilty for his involvement in an elaborate scheme to steal thousands of dollars from taxpayers and his own synagogue.

In this week’s episode of Into San Diego, we’re breaking down how investigators say the scheme worked, the major players involved, and the response from the local community.

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To read more about how the tax scheme worked, click here.

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