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LISTEN: COVID-19's Strain On Local Food, Music, and Film Culture In The Latest INSIGHT Podcast

A conversation with Sam the Cooking Guy and Tim Mays, owner of The Casbah music venue, on what their industries will look like after the coronavirus pandemic.

As the county of San Diego looks to ease social restrictions, what do those at the heart of San Diego’s culinary and entertainment industries see as the future for their industries in a post-COVID-19 world?  

Dorian Hargrove and Tom Jones speak to YouTube sensation, Sam The Cooking Guy on how restaurants, including his own, may look in a post-COVID-19 world. Also, Tim Mays, the owner of The Casbah, San Diego’s most revered rock venue, discusses the music industry and creativity amidst the pandemic.

Listen to the latest episode below.

We also speak to a local movie venue operator who may have just the right solution for those grappling with the thought of seeing a movie in the pre-COVID vaccine environment.

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