Your Bikini Bod Awaits You

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Deirdre Salemme

Imagine getting that summer bikini body that you’ve been dreaming of, while enjoying the perks of Mission Beach.

The San Diego Wavehouse Athletic Club has the perfect concoction for your summer slim down: a beach view, a list of fun fitness classes—even a DJ on Tuesdays to spin workout jams while you sweat off those last few winter lbs.

We understand that finding workout-motivation or the know-how to best benefit your body can be major setbacks to staying in shape, but the fitness classes offered will do the work and the thinking for you.

Get this: Outdoor Spin classes are offered throughout the week.  You can ride freely outdoors on a stationary bike, rocking out to the latest tunes and breathing in fresh—yes, ocean fresh—air.

Or, try your hand at the new water class, Aqualogix: Strike. It’s a fitness boot camp in the indoor swimming pool; the largest swimming pool in all of Southern California to be exact.

Or even, work on your dance moves Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Zumba:  the revolutionary “fitness class” that will have you convinced you’ve left the gym for a downtown club with all the hip and booty shaking that goes down.

Interested? Check out the Athletic Club's website or call (858) 228-9300 for more information. 

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