What Your Halloween Costume Reveals About You

Christina Noël

Deciding between dressing up like a Chilean miner or Lady Gaga may be a dilemma for you this week.

If so, listen to this piece of medical advice: your choice in a costume reveals your personality.

“Your choice of costume isn’t random and may show more of you than you want,” Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D. writes in this month’s edition of San Diego Magazine.

Dressing as a witch this year? You aren’t afraid to tell it like it is and like having power.

Putting on the hot nurse or French maid costume may signal you’re struggling between being pure and being the center of attention.

Donning a firefighter or cowboy costume may signal you want to be taken more seriously than you are.

If you opt for a group costume like the Jersey Shore gang, you’re telling the rest of us that you have friends. People like you.

Want more Halloween costume analysis? Read the full article inside San Diego Magazine.

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