Twin Saves Sister's Life

After the holidays, the San Diego Blood Bank enters into a critical time for donations.  You probably don't think about that much unless someone you love relies on donated blood.  It's something a La Mesa family now knows, all too well.

"My daddy says if he ever wins [the lottery]... he'd buy me a 31 Flavors," said transplant patient Danica Voight.

The 13-year-old is the official ice cream maker in the Voigt household.

"I usually like to make chocolate chip but my brothers and sisters like chocolate," Danica said.  "Very creamy and thick."

Ice cream has always been her special treat.  Her parents brought it to her a lot, when she was in the hospital.

"Danica started bruising." said her Mom, Linda Voight.  Linda says the diagnosis came when a bad case of flu just wouldn't get better.   Blood tests showed Danica had very severe Aplastic ademia, which is basically complete bone marrow failure.

"Danica needed to get blood transfusions every four days just to keep her going, " Linda said.  Danica's twin sister Moriah turned out to be a perfect match for a bone marrow transplant.  Now Danica is healthy and planning for the future.  Some days she'd like to be a lawyer, others a doctor.

"I want to be more of children's doctor cause I like children and I just like to help people" Danica said.   And then, there's always the possibility of owning that ice cream shop.

Danica could not receive blood from her family because they were all potential bone marrow donors, so she needed donated blood from the San Diego Blood Bank to survive, for about eight months.

If you'd like to donate blood, NBC-7/39's annual Winter Blood Drive is taking place Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 225 Broadway.

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