The ‘No-Bucks' Bug

San Diego stress levels are soaring as the economy worsens according to physicians at Alvarado Hospital. More than eight in 10 Americans blame the bad economy for their stress and depression as outlined in a study by the American Psychological Association. As a result, doctors are seeing more patients for stress related ailments.

"Medicine gets busier when there is more misery in the world," says Dr. Bernard Michlin, of Alvardo Hospital in San Diego.  Stress-induced depression causes people to become more prone to illness caused by increased levels of natural steroids and adrenaline produced by the body, he says. Also when a person is anxious , the body produces adrenaline, but then the person doesn't know how to respond to the sudden surge in adrenaline, it raises blood pressure and can increase chances of heart attack and stroke.

"Patients suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure have found that the medications have become less effective," adds Dr. Michlin.

Other common problems include a tough time getting to sleep which in turn leaves a person feeling tired and makes the depression even worse.

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