“Super Citrus” Grown in NorCal May Ease Allergies, Colds

Study: Place County mandarins contain natural decongestant

A powerful fruit from Placer County can pack a powerful punch in fighting allergies and cold symptoms, according to a study done by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The USDA tested mandarins from 10 different micro climates in Placer County and found that they contain six to seven times the amount of synephrine, a naturally occurring decongestant, than other citrus fruits.

"If you stick your nose in them and smell them ... I mean they are amazing," said agriculture advocate Joanne Neft, who has a self-described love affair with the small orange fruit.

Neft loves Placer County mandarins so much that she raised $16,000 for the USDA to study the fruit.

"I always believed mandarins were pretty special, because every time mandarin season came around I felt a lot better," Neft said.

The Placer County mandarins are sold nationally, and are currently selling so fast that some growers can't harvest them fast enough.

"We ship these (mandarins) all over the nation," said mandarin grower Tony Aguilar. "We have people all over the county -- Minnesota, New York -- that want them shipped to them."

A person can buy Placer County mandarins straight from the grower, online or from some stores.

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