How Hot a Car Can Get for Pets, Children in Images

The Rancho Coastal Humane Society shared these images showing just how quickly the temperatures can rise inside a closed vehicle in triple-digit heat.

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High temperatures can still become deadly for pets, children, seniors, and others who are in a closed vehicle in a matter of minutes. Heat stroke can occur when your body temperature reaches 104 degrees.
Rancho Coastal Humane Society
The spokesperson for Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas, California put a thermometer inside his truck Monday just after 1 p.m when it was 98 degrees outside. Within four minutes, he said the temperature inside the truck rose to 122.
Rancho Coastal Humane Society
After 21 minutes, the spokesperson said the temperature inside the vehicle appeared as 135 degrees.
Rancho Coastal Humane Society
One hour, the thermometer appeared to go beyond its end point, registering at approximately 162 degrees according to the humane society spokesperson.
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