Can You Really Calculate the Year You'll Die?

Calculator Determines How Long You Might Live

As a baby boomer, I sometimes ponder if I'm half-way through this wonderful life.  Well apparently I need ponder no more. 

While browsing some health websites, I ran across a "Life Expectancy Calendar" that will actually estimate the number of years I will live.  Whoa.

It is based on personal data including my health, family history, social habits, and how much I drink.  Uh oh, I'm so dead next week.  I love my red wine. Sometimes maybe just a little too much.

I decided to give it a try, and I admit, with a little trepidation.  Not because of the wine so much, but a few other factors I won't share here.  Here we go.

  • Yes, I get a physical, see a dermatologist and endure an annual mammogram.  Whew.
  • No, I don't eat a whole lotta red meat. Not that I don't want to.  I'm an Iowa gal.
  • Yes, I have many healthy relationships with both friends and family.  Extra points here I think.
  • No, I don't weigh what I should.  But I'm working on it, very s-l-o-w-l-y.  Damn those carbs. 

Okay, I'm just about five minutes into the questions and feeling pretty good.  I hope the almighty calculator agrees. 

I've answered 40 questions.  I had to guess about my blood pressure, and I think I may have gotten the systolic and diastolic numbers backwards.  That's probably not going to be good. 

Okay, almost there.  Okay, I'm hitting the dreaded SUBMIT button.

Well would you take a look at that!!!!   I'm going to live to the ripe old age of 88.

I feel really good right now.  I want to plan a vacation. Change some of the things I didn't answer too well.   After all, I now know I could have many decades to ripen.

Come one, take the test.  It's only ten minutes out of your life.

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