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Doc Will See You Now or Maybe Tomorrow

It primarily affects people in HMO's.



    Doc Will See You Now or Maybe Tomorrow
    Missy Stein
    June 22, 2010: This is the waiting room where she's becoming pretty comfortable. She waits here every day before she goes in for her radiation treatment.

    Here is some good news if you need to see a doctor. 

    New rules have kicked in, making California the first in the country, to shorten the waiting time for a medical appointment.  

    State regulators approved the plan a year ago.  The new rules are primarily aimed at people covered by HMO's. 

    It should take no more than 10 days to see a doctor in routine cases, and no more than 48 hours in urgent care situations. 

    Health care plans will also have to provide a new system to screen the severity of illnesses or injuries.

    The clock will start ticking on that system, 30 minutes after a patient places their initial call.

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