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Swine Flu 'Likely' on All Local Campuses

39 campuses have reported outbreaks



    Swine Flu 'Likely' on All Local Campuses
    Three high school students are charged with assaulting at least one girl on a Portage, Ind., school bus.

    A county health officer says that the chances are good that the H1N1 virus has a presence at most San Diego schools.

    Swine flu outbreaks are confirmed at 40 schools around the county, according to San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency spokesman Tom Christensen.

    A partial list (which will be updated after 1 p.m.) of the affected schools with active outbreaks are:

    • Bostonia Elementary (Cajon Valley Union)
    • Cajon Park Elementary (Santee)
    • Del Mar Hills Elementary  (Del Mar Union)
    • Dingman Elementary (San Diego Unified)
    • Fay Elementary (San Diego Unified)
    • Frazier Elementary (Fallbrook Union)
    • Literacy First Charter School (El Cajon)
    • Marcy Adolescent Treatment Program (San Diego Unified)
    • Mendoza Elementary (South Bay Union)
    • Meridian Elementary (Cajon Valley Union)
    • Ocean Air Elementary (Del Mar Union)
    • Prospect Elementary (Santee)
    • Rodriguez Elementary (San Diego Unified)
    • Rolando Elementary(San Diego Unified)
    • Skyline Elementary (Solana Beach)
    • Stone Ranch Elementary (Poway Unified)
    • Sunset Elementary (San Diego Unified)
    • Torrey Hills Elementary (Del Mar Union)
    • Vista Magnet Middle (Vista Unified)
    • Washington Elementary (San Diego Unified)
    • Westwood Elementary(Poway Unified)

    Swine Flu 'Likely' on All School Campuses

    [DGO] Swine Flu 'Likely' on All School Campuses
    County health: Chances are good the virus is in most schools.
    (Published Friday, Oct. 23, 2009)

    Outbreaks have been reported at the following schools, but they are no longer believed to be active (this, too, is a partial list):

    • Flora Vista Elementary (Encinitas Union)
    • Hawthorne Elementary (San Diego Unified)
    • Ibarra Elementary (San Diego Unified)
    • Mission Estancia Elementary (Encinitas Union)
    • Oak Valley Middle (Poway Unified)
    • Ross Elementary (San Diego Unified)
    • Solana Santa Fe (Solana Beach)

    Christensen said some classes have had absentee rates of 20 percent or more.

    "We know this virus is widespread throughout the community, and that  includes our schools," Deputy Public Health Officer Dr. Dean Sidelinger said.

    More than 1,000 confirmed cases of swine flu have been reported in the county in 2009. Twenty-five residents have died from the swine flu, according to health officials.

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