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    Sweet Waxing Alternative
    Parents are urged to keep an eye on kids who move from a simple manicure at the spa to more invasive treatments.

    From bleaching, plucking and shaving at home to waxing and threading at the salon, it’s been proven that women and men will try just about anything to achieve the look they want.

    But have you tried sugaring?

    Sugaring is an ancient technique that uses a paste of sugar, water, and lemon juice.

    The Undercarriage is a go-to source for sugaring in San Diego, according to our online partner DiscoverSD. Though owner Kirsten Prunty has always been a waxing girl at heart, she now unabashedly adores the gentle Sugaring hair removal process, and highly recommends it to her new and reoccurring clients.

    “The sugar paste is applied with a gloved hand AGAINST the natural growth of hair. This technique allows the sugar paste to penetrate into the hair follicle, wrapping around the hair shaft. When removing the paste, it is flicked off, in the direction of hair growth, leaving nothing but soft smooth skin," said Prunty.

    The benefits include no lifting or tearing of the skin, dead skin removal along with the hair and less cross-contamination because just one  ball of sugar is used per client, according to Prunty. So no double dipping.

    "The re-growth rate is pretty much the same for all hair removal methods," Prunty said. "For a Sugaring treatment, I like to rebook every 4 weeks."

    Check out The Undercarriage rates inside the full article on DiscoverSD.