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Ah...Stress Free Yoga



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    From migraine headaches to relieving stress, doctors say yoga could be just the thing you need. In fact, it's been shown to help people suffering from depression, hypertension, arthritis and more. You can also manage stress with yoga or meditation.

    One Yogi, Mateo Madani, teaches a practical approach for people who want to reduce stress in their lives. 

    Once an entrepreneur, Madani left the business world in 1995, and opened Hawaii Yoga Retreat on Molokai, Hawaii in 2000. In 2001, he earned a Teacher Training Certification from the Shivananada Bahamas Ashram in the Bahamas, West Indies. He has lived in Hawaii now for 14 years.

    Using his new book, "Forever Now: The Journey to Awakening", as a tool, he now dedicates himself to helping others break free of stress and anxiety by bringing peace to our chaotic minds.

    He says that stress comes from your thoughts, so when you are able to control your thoughts you can control your stress.

    Madani's Stress Free Solutions:

    • Awareness through using your five senses
    • Monitor your thoughts
    • Remove the words "no" or "not"
    • Drop your expectations & your limitations
    • Observe your breath
    • Unload your subconscious

    "Forever Now: The Journey to Awakening" by Mateo Madani is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can also learn more about Mateo Madani on his website.