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Sick Girl Get Transplant Gift for Birthday



    Sick Girl Get Transplant Gift for Birthday

    A young San Diego girl who desperately needed a miracle got it just in time.

    Eight-year-old Kourtney Najjar has been living in constant pain. She has been suffering from conditions called neurogenic pseudo obstruction and osteopenia most of her life and suffers from intestinal failure. She has had her large intestine removed, dozens of surgeries, takes a list of medications and gets all of her fluids and nutrition through intravenous tubes.
    As you can imagine, the financial burden is overwhelming. The bank is foreclosing on her family's home, and her father's small business is struggling.
    On top of all that, a little while ago, Kourtney's family found out she needed a multi-organ transplant in order to survive.
    Well, the family's prayers have finally been answered: They got the call Tuesday night for a transplant.
    Kourtney went into surgery Wednesday morning, but there were some complications that forced doctors to postpone the surgery until Friday.

    Kourtney's mother said Friday afternoon that her girl was back in the operating room, hopefully for the final time. She said her little girl remains strong and will be OK.