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    Nothin' But Camel
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    Could you survive two weeks on water, raw camel milk and dates? That’s the challenge put forth by a pair of local camel farmers.

    At this year’s San Diego County Fair, the owners of the Oasis Camel Dairy will live inside an exhibit, a place they’re calling “Camel-Lot,” while they live on the very strict diet.

    Gil and Nancy Riegler will have their health checked before and after the challenge. Factors like cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels will be measured and recorded.

    “To prepare, we’re eating lots of food we probably shouldn’t,” Nancy Riegler said laughing.  They are trying not to eat the food they’ll be living on. “We’re going to be surprised as everyone else,” she said.

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    Of course, the toughest part will be living in the exhibit 24/7 with all the sight and smells of the fair foods, Riegler said.

    Fairgoers can visit the couple around the clock in their canvas tent next to the camels or follow along through blog posts, podcasts and Twitter updates.

    Living at the fair for two weeks seemed like a great idea when they were coming up with it Riegler said until she realized how early the school tours come through the fair.

    The challenger at the county fair was designed to prepare the couple for the 2011 Camel Milk Extreme Desert Challenge. The Rieglers plan to attempt a one-month, desert crossing.

    Right now, you can help them plan their last meal of fair food by going to their website and helping them with the menu. The top 10 items will be the smorgasbord.

    The Rieglers have operated their camel farm in Ramona, the first of its kind in the United States, for the last 20 years. The farm featured on the popular cable show "Dirty Jobs" with star Mike Rowe in 2009.

    Disclaimer: Nancy Riegler's sister is an employee at NBC 7/39. -- Ed.