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'Miracle Man' Has Hot Wheels



    'Miracle Man' Has Hot Wheels
    Bill Wechter/North County Times
    Heart attack victim Mike Connolly rides his recumbent bicycle Thursday on Carlsbad Boulevard.

    Mike Connolly grins when he talks about his new three-wheeled pedal pusher, the North County Times reported.

    "I guess technically it's a tricycle," he quips. "Hey, it's better than training wheels."

    Connolly was forced to invest in the trike after falling from his two wheeler in September while riding near his job at Hoehn Porsche in coastal Carlsbad. Alan's Bike Shop Bicycles in Oceanside, no doubt familiar with Connolly's story, gave him a special deal.

    Last year, Connolly became known nationwide as the "miracle man," after surviving a sudden heart arrhythmia on Jan. 31, 2009, that left his brain without oxygen for about 10 minutes. Severe brain damage is assumed for anyone who goes more than four minutes without oxygen. Doctors initially said he had about a 1 percent chance of surviving without such brain damage, but he has since made a nearly perfect recovery.

    In an interview with the paper last week, Connolly said the road back to health hasn't been without setbacks. He still suffers from a condition known as myoclonus, an involuntary twitching of his leg muscles. He said it was this twitching that caused his bike accident and pushed him to get a three-wheeled trike instead of a two-wheeled bike.

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