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"Miracle" Baby Home for Holidays

Gracin went minutes without oxygen after his mother died during childbirth



    A baby who lost his mother during his birth spent his first night in his Sabre Springs home. He's doing remarkably well, especially since doctors thought he'd have severe brain damage.

    On Wednesday, Gracin was seen healthy and happy at home wearing his "mommy rocks" onesie after a week in intensive care at Rady Children's Hospital.

    “All the nurses and doctors have been using terms like “miracle” and “amazing.” I can't believe the progress,” said Gracin’s father, TJ Anglin.

    Anglin says his son went minutes without oxygen after his mother died. On Wednesday, all the tests came back normal and Gracin was released.

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    Anglin’s other 5-year-old son, JJ, is already close to Gracin and calls him his gift from Mommy. But he’s still missing his mother, Letta Anglin, 28. She died November 13 during childbirth.

    “My mom is an angel,” said JJ.

    Anglin says being a single dad is difficult.

    “A whole new perspective and appreciation for mothers,” he said.

    But he's had support coming from every direction. Meals delivered by friends. Donations like diapers, lotions, and baby clothes. And words of encouragement.

    For that, he's most thankful.

    “Sending me messages... we love you, we're there for you, you don't have to do this alone. It's incredible,” said Anglin.

    The Anglins were planning a low-key Thanksgiving with their brand new baby boy.