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List Opens for High-Risk Insurance Pool



    List Opens for High-Risk Insurance Pool
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    If you don't have insurance and have a serious pre-existing condition that keeps you from getting insured, you may qualify for the new high-risk insurance pool that's coming in September.

    It's not for everyone and you have to pay for it... but for some people it's a life saving alternative.

    This is all part of the health care reform bill.

    California is getting around $760 million to create the high-risk pool but already people are afraid it's not enough money to help everyone who applies.

    “It’s at least an opportunity to begin coverage anew for people who have been shut out of the insurance market completely,” said Gregory Knoll with the Center for Health Education.

    If you think you qualify for the program then Knoll says you need to get on the list now.

    Go to this website and find the link where they will send you an application through email.

    It's not a free program; it's for people with pre-existing conditions that can't get coverage any other way.

    The program is expected to start in California sometime next month.