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Gimme a Deal, Doc



    Gimme a Deal, Doc

    You get discounts at the swap meet or a garage sale -- what about at the doctor's office?

    People looking to save money on heath care may find out that it's easier than they think. Some doctors are open to the idea of helping patients who don't have insurance or can't meet their deductible. While it might feel strange asking a doctor for a discount, you can't know until you ask. The doctor may be able to pass on a few routine tests for the time being or you can discuss whether certain procedures are really necessary.

    "If you're having problems financially, and you have a large-deductible policy or no insurance, please talk to them about it and see what you can get that would be affordable for you, and maybe they'll work with you," said Gregory Knoll of the Center for Health Education

    Will the doctor be offended if you ask?

    "If they're offended because you share something with them, maybe they ought not to be your doctor," Knoll said.

    And don't discount purchasing power -- ask if you can get a discount for paying cash.