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Facial Yoga

A non-surgical method to smooth lines and produce radiant skin



    The Art of the Getaway
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    "Yoga Face" targets wrinkles.

    When you think of yoga, you think of  fitness for the body and mind. But did you ever dream that facial yoga might help take care of those sagging chins and wrinkles around the lips.

    At the Golden Door in Escondido, there's actually a Facial Yoga program consisting of easy face contorting exercises that you can do almost anywhere.

    "You can do them while you're driving, or in front of your computer, " says Michael Glen, yoga instructor at the Golden Door in Escondido. "Just 10 minutes per day tones the muscles of the neck and face to give you a younger healthier look, " he adds.

    There's one exercise called "Froggy Neck", which works the large neck muscle connected inside the collar bone and attaches under the jaw. Basically, it's like sticking your tongue out and trying to touch your nose.

    Non-Surgical "Face Lifts"

    [DGO] Non-Surgical "Face Lifts"
    Yoga is a great way to relieve the stress, but you've probably never heard about "Facial Yoga. Allow us to demonstrate.
    (Published Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2009)

    Or there's "The Puffer" which works the facial muscles without reinforcing wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. This exercise sort of looks like bloating up your cheeks and moving the air around.

    Glen, who came up with the program says "ifyou do the exercises every day for six months, you will look like you had a face lift," without the surgery.

    For more information about the Facial Yoga program click on the Golden Door.