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Dr. D Found His Niche



    Dr. D Found His Niche
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    As an OBGYN at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital, Sean Daneshmand, M.D. sees women with high-risk pregnancies.

    "I've seen women suffer, you know they may be on bed rest for a long period of time then they have a baby that's premature," said Daneshmand.

    It’s because he’s often involved in situations where new parents are not only dealing with medical issues but financial ones as well that Daneshmand launched the organization Miracle Babies. So far the non-profit group has helped more than 50 families of premature babies by giving them a one-time gift of up to $2500.

    Veronica and Mike Pacheco are among those helped by Miracle Babies. Their son, Noah, arrived six weeks early. Months before his birth, his mom nearly died from respiratory problems and the H1N1 virus.

    Dr. D Found His Niche

    [DGO] Dr. D Found His Niche
    One doctor is determined to help families of preemies with the added costs.
    (Published Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2010)

    Doctors kept Veronica in a drug-induced coma for two months.

    "Looking back on it now I don't recall much of anything at all,” said Veronica. “So it was one of those situations where I woke up and I had a baby in my arms."

    Daneshmand calls their survival a miracle. "It's just you don't hear that too often,” he said.

    For the Pachecos, the focus is now on Noah's health and paying their bills. Mike is a nursing student. Veronica was laid off last fall. They have health insurance but very little income.

    The gift from Miracle Babies helped the family with their mortgage, according to Vernoica. “Definitely helped make a difference," she said.

    As a doctor, as a father, Daneshmand and his wife had their own scare, a placental abruption that caused her to deliver at 34 weeks.

    “Thank God Natalie is great,” said Daneshmand. “She's a happy go lucky girl and she's uh she's my life."

    So he can relate.

    "To think that he's putting aside time, you know his own personal time and family time to dedicate you know these efforts to people who are going through hard times it's just it's amazing and we are really grateful," said Veronica Pacheco.

    For Daneschmand, it's all in a day's work.

    "I've found my niche,” he said. “I've found where I want to be, and I'm in a very happy place right now."

    Miracle Babies hopes to expand the non-profit nationwide. You can find more information about the organization by visiting their website miracle babies dot org.